Quality Control:

MTAR has various inspection equipment such as 3D CMM, laser measuring, optical alignment instruments, non contact measuring, Tally round and Tally surf for precise form and surface measurement and all Non Destructive testing equipments.
MTAR follows strict Quality Control protocols, which always meets our customer’s needs and is well appreciated by them.

Quality Policy:

In it’s quest for being Leading Global Manufacturing Company, MTAR is committed.
To Ensure On-time Delivery of Quality Products in the field of Precision Engineering, satisfying the applicable requirements.
To have Continual Improvement of Quality Management System and its Processes.
Thus, becoming a preferred company for its Customers and Stake Holders.

  1. We have a well established QA Group meeting to global standards.
  2. Full fledged facilities for all QC and QA activities(3D CMM’s , Laser Measuring Instrument etc.)
  3. Experienced personnel for Procedures and Inspection Plans .
  4. Trace ability / Identification records for all stages
  5. Full fledged NDT facilities as follows
    1. Radiography
    2. Ultrasonic
    3. Magnetic Particle
    4. Dye penetrate etc.,
  6. Quality Persons at different levels available.
  7. Fully equipped with requisite facilities for Dimensional & Geometrical Inspection
  1. 3-D CNC Co-ordinate Measuring Machine         Make : ZEISS 550 X 450 X 400
  2. 3-D  CNC Co-ordinate Measuring Machine         Make : ZEISS 1600 X 1000 X 600
  3. Laser Measuring System  Make : HEWLETT-PACKARD-5528A
  4. Universal Measuring Machine  Make : SIP MUL-214B
  5. Universal Measuring Machine, MUL-1000
  6. TALYROND 265 (RSU) Roundness Measuring System
  7. FORMTALYSURF-2 (S4C) Contour & Surface finish Measuring Equipment
  8. NIKON  MODEL : V-20B  Profile Projector
  9. Many conventional measuring & inspection instruments of different sizes/types/makes (including Digital/Electronics items)

Supplier Quality Assurance Manual