Precision Machining: MTAR has a long track record of manufacturing and assembly of mission critical parts with very low tolerance levels.

In house machines: MTAR has the ability to build large Special purpose machines at a fraction of the cost of acquiring a new one. This has ensured that the company has made sustained investments in machinery. MTAR has built several large size gantry, milling, turning, honing, deep hole boring and drilling machines for machining several large and specialized jobs

Ball Screws: MTAR has the ability to manufacture specialized ball screws which are used in the fields of Nuclear, Aerospace, Defence, Material handling and Machine tools. With around 90% of the demand in India being met through imports, MTAR is the one among the very few Indian companies that makes these screws.

Research & Development: MTAR has always focused extensively on research and development and has been involved in a variety of developmental work. Various critical components in Nuclear, Defence and Aerospace sectors have been supplied by MTAR for the first time in India.

One Stop Shop: MTAR believes in providing solutions to the customer under a single roof, right from material purchase, material inspection and NDT to fabrication, heat treatment, surface treatment, assembly, testing and total quality control.