Founded in 1970 by Technocrats Sri P. Ravindra Reddy, Sri K. Satyanarayana Reddy and Sri P. Jayaprakash Reddy with an aim to indigenously Develop and Manufacture Components and Equipment for Aerospace, Ball Screws, Oil & Energy Sectors. With the onset of every fuelling morning since its inception in 1970, MTAR has experienced a constant surge in innovation. Making a modest beginning close to five decades back, MTAR today is one of those few companies that can pride itself on the latest ‘State of Art’ Precision Machining, Testing and assembly Facilities. It has made its foray into Aerospace, Oil & Energy and Ball Screw sectors.   click here

Business Segments


MTAR has been a major supplier of ISRO for the past 3 decades and has been supplying equipment for different stages of the Indian satellite launch vehicles. MTAR has a significant contribution to both GSLV and PSLV.

MTAR also has a strong presence and delivers critical components to the private players in the aerospace industry. We currently supply high precision components to companies such as Goodrich and MOOG. 

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Ball Screws

MTAR is India’s renowned and indigenous manufacturer of High Precision Ball Screws. Over the years, MTAR has integrated complete design, material selection, heat treatment, manufacturing, quality control and assembly processes with highly skilled engineers, exclusive plant, investment in R&D and technology up-gradation. MTAR manufactures customized ball screws for various applications in the fields of Nuclear, Aerospace, CNC Machinery and Material handling systems. Experience with 17-4 PH, 13-8 MO,440 C, 4150 material grades.

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Oil & Energy

MTAR made its foray into the Oil Field sector in 2007 but has since been building its presence in this space. MTAR is a preferred supplier to the biggest global Oilfield Company and also makes critical components for other global oil field services companies. We also recondition Blow off Preventers for NOV, which is one of the world oil field leaders and caters to their Asian demand. MTAR entered the energy sector in 2007 and have partnered with Bloom Energy and supplies hot boxes to them, which are critical and form a major part of the Bloom energy servers.

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